Industrial automation equipment design research and development center was established in 1995, is professional development, production and sale of industrial automation products and industrial automation systems integrators to provide technical service for high-tech enterprises, is China's current size by industry started construction and development, integrated Industrial automation product development, manufacturing enterprises.
We have been focused on high-tech research and development and application of advanced production equipment, has now become a mature intelligent pressure testing, and materials-testing, traffic detection, show conditioning control, and so a full range of industrial automation instruments of research and development, manufacturing base. Products widely used in iron and steel, nonferrous metallurgy, petrochemical, electricity, urban central heating, water / sewage treatment, food processing, pharmaceuticals, and other fields. At present, we have production of nearly 10,000 square meters office building, a number of professional production workshop and calibration test line, more than 200 employees, technical and sales service network across the south China, east, north, southwest and northwest provinces, the sales of industrial automation instrumentation More than 100,000 / sets.
The company has ISO9001: 2000 quality system certification, China Instrument Industry Association members and the international Fieldbus Committee "HART" Fund members, the provincial Office of Science and Technology confirmed the "high-tech enterprises," some of the new products have been a number of national patent .

We will always be guided by the market, technology and innovation as the core competitiveness of the national monitoring and control technologies to the development!



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