Introduction of aluminum ingot stacking machine
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Device color can be specified by customer

Choose a representative product, analysis of the entire process, make a detailed design plan, a change of the original manual half hand production, completely into the new humanization, automation of the field, technical transformation features: Improve production efficiency, quality insurance index, production stability, reduce labor intensity, reduce production costs, enhance the core competitiveness of enterprises.
Keywords: humanization, automation, efficiency, quality Assurance index, cost, core competitiveness.
Production status of Aluminum ingot production company:
The company currently produces aluminum ingots using the process, such as molten aluminum, stacking and other links, are also different degrees of use, the more primitive, manual half manual form; This not only inefficient, workers labor intensity, and workers working environment is poor, high temperature is difficult to eliminate, directly or indirectly affect the production and operating costs, greatly weakening the market core competitiveness of products;
Faced with the challenges of aluminum ingot casting enterprises, labor costs are increasing, and recruitment difficulties and so on. The pressure is increasing daily. However, only actively face the brutal market competition, and take the initiative to participate in competition, through the competition for learning and development; it is the only way ...

Automation Technical Renovation Program:
Combined with your current production status and product structure, the selection of some representative of the aluminum ingot products, analysis and production process, detailed design, as far as possible to reduce the equipment footprint, but also workshop to maximize the use of space, absorbing Japanese Taiwan similar equipment advantages, as follows specific technical transformation design arrangements:

Automation equipment Characteristics:

After the technical renovation of the equipment in general, there are the following major features:

⑴, improve product consistency, that is, production stability;
⑵, greatly improve the production efficiency, can be stacked 1000 pieces of aluminum ingot per hour, and in the stacking process without manual intervention;
(3), improve the market competitiveness, enhance the enterprise grade;
(4), reducing the labor intensity of workers,
(5), reduce the production cost of the product;

Equipment key Core Parts selection:

⑴, pneumatic components: including the implementation of components using domestic well-known brands Atea polite moving components.
⑵, central controller: the use of high stability and reliability, import PLC control;
⑶, Operation panel: Imported touch screen, man-machine dialogue design, simple and clear operation;
⑷, status alarm: The use of sound, light, text multi-channel alarm way to achieve clear and intuitive, rapid and accurate judgment;
⑸, large arm 90° displacement. The use of imported high tightness hydraulic angle rotating device.
⑹, hydraulic oil cylinder pump station, the use of domestic well-known brands.
⑺, Feed Motor: The use of high-quality reducer motor;
(8), sensor, adopt Japanese brand Omron or German Schneider brand.
Due to the key components, the use of high-quality components to ensure the stable and reliable equipment and service life, automated production, the same pipeline multi-channel process one, to ensure product consistency, improve product quality; Reduce the labor intensity, from the original handmade one-piece stacking, to automated large-volume stacking, the workers from the work of the labor of the lock out; reduced the cost of labor, the original number of people completed the production of aluminum ingot stacking, to one person to manage multiple equipment; The higher the degree of automation, the more can reflect the strength of the enterprise.
(9), the total installed capacity of the equipment is not less than 6KW. No more than 0.6 cubic meters of gas consumption.

Main part configuration:

1. Pneumatic components adopt Atea guest brand.
2. PLC uses Taiwan Tatsu brand
3. Touch screen using Taiwan Vinylon brand
4. The main components of electrical appliances, such as travel switch, Omron or Schneider brand.
5. The switching power supply adopts Taiwan famous weft brand.
6. The hydraulic valve uses Taiwan 7 Marine brand
7. The seal ring of oil cylinder adopts import brand.



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