Characteristics of aluminum ingot casting Machine
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Characteristics of aluminum ingot casting Machine

Aluminum ingot Casting Machine, the mould seat is provided with a groove, which is characterized in that the mould base is composed of a fixed die seat and an active die seat, wherein the fixed die seat is provided with a column, a rotating arm is arranged on the column, a lifting and extruding head is arranged on the rotating arm, and the movable mode seat is arranged on

Advantages of aluminum ingot Casting Machine

The aluminum ingot Casting machine solves the problems of easy delamination and easy falling off because of the aluminum-encased iron particles, and effectively improves the working efficiency of aluminum ingot casting, wrapping iron grains and demoulding, and improves the quality of the product, so that it can fully meet the requirements of the steelmaking production on the quality of the aluminum ingot. The casting machine is simple in structure, easy to operate, fast, not occupying land, easily moving, can effectively reduce the labor intensity of workers, improve the working environment.


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